We want all riders to feel the uniqueness of the slide, the power and the rush of water around them that is skimboarding. We search to inspire riders of all genders and ages by providing support to a rider’s progression, passion and persistence in becoming a well-rounded athlete.

Our program encourages riders to expand their skills in board riding through a discipline that includes elements of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakesurfing and more.

Meet our instructors!

R.J. Vernoia


SideSlip Skimboarding was founded by long time skimboarder and skimboarding enthusiast R.J. Vernoia. Raised in Florida, his love for the sport dates back to 2004 when R.J. was just 16 years old. At the time, there was maybe but 10 skimboarding videos amongst the thousands of surfing videos on YouTube. Once R.J. found one, he watched it over and over again. He took this inspiration to the shore and instantly fell in love with the finless feeling that separates skimboarding apart from all other watersports.

Eric Stark

Camp Instructor

My name is Eric stark and Long Island has been my home for almost 30 years. I have been skimboarding on Long Island beaches for 20 years. As a special education bi lingual teacher, varsity soccer coach, and track coach, my dedication for teaching is shown. Being able to instruct young athletes is a passion of mine and teaming up with RJ and sideslip has been a dream come true.

Skimboarding is such a unique and upcoming sport and I love showing the youth what it’s about. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider, I can teach you what skimboarding is all about. Having fun, riding waves, and being with good friends.

See you out there !

Robbie Morris


Hey there I’m Robbie Morris. I am 32 years young and have been skimboarding since 2002. I started skimboarding with a wooden board on the flat wide beaches of Saint Augustine, Florida. I moved south to Martin county where the beaches are different there is a steep slope and waves breaking right on the shore. There I watched the older, local guys, RJ and many others, slide down the steep shore and smack waves, sending water high into the sky and then riding the wave back up the beach with ease and flow.

Side/Slip Skimboarding invites you to experience all of the adventure that comes along with this exciting sport!